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We deliver the advantage modern information companies need to compete 

Our Real AI and AutoML technology helps leaders sustainably compete without sacrificing information integrity. We call this source-to-customer intelligence (SCI). 

Leaders have sacrificed information security for the perception that their datasets are anonymous far too long.

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Large shipping containers stacked on each other is unwilling to compromise information integrity and we believe that leaders must demand more from their intelligence partners.  

Earthstream® is the first intelligent technology to securely integrate a company’s proprietary information with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

The Earthstream Source-to-Customer Intelligence platform allows you to verify, deconflict, and predict information at scale to make decisions that move your business forward, now. 

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Supply chain resilience supports sustainable next generation growth.

Leaders have a mandate to deliver outsized returns & compete sustainably while also addressing continued threats to information security and the growing complexity of responsive raw materials procurement.

Earthstream shifts this dynamic and helps you make informed decisions to compete with confidence.

"I've had the pleasure of working with for the past 5+ years. Their advanced modeling capability has been helpful to our R&D organization. The team is responsive and professional."

Richard Rees
Head of Solution Development for North America for ENVU Environmental Science

Know the complete view of your supplier network and illuminate what’s next.

Proactive trade leadership means understanding the connections among every supplier (n-Tier) and how their practices have the potential to create or destroy value across your supply chain.

Earthstream helps you see the impact of direct and indirect supplier practices in your unique value chain. Through this lens, your teams are positioned to make responsive decisions and remediate forced labor practices without harming the health of your supply ecosystem.

"The team at have been a critical in turning complex datasets into a streamlined interface for researchers and stakeholders alike. Their adaptiveness and leadership as part of an interdisciplinary working group has made them invaluable to its success."

Kaitlyn Bissonnette
Director at Cotton Inc.

The Earthstream Platform

The world’s richest supply chain intelligence platform that ensures compliance, identifies risks, and fosters resilience in real-time. 

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Birdseye view of a farm yielding crops


Birdseye view of shipping containers