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The value of your internal data has reached its limit.

Earthstream® is the global supply chain’s Source-to-Customer Intelligence center

Earthstream delivers Applied Intelligence solutions that connect previously unattainable information in a way that delivers unique insights and inspires decision confidence.  Our on-demand intelligence platform transforms how global supply chain leaders compete in a complex & rapidly changing environment.

Earthstream securely integrates the power of open-source intelligence with your company’s unique data. 

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
n-Tier Supplier Insights
Academic Research & Publications
Publicly Available Media & News
n-Tier Supplier Networks
Financial & Human Crime Activity
Sanction Information
Business Continuity Risk Indicators
Emerging Threat Identification
Company Owned Information
Tier 1 & Direct Supplier Information
Company Transaction Data

Earthstream finds the links across seemingly unrelated data to deliver intelligent insights in real time.


Data are verified & contained in micro-portals that maintain anonymity & security


Redundant data are removed & information is curated in preparation for analysis


Insights are predicted with finely-tuned models using autoML & Real Applied Intelligence (AI)

Earthstream identifies the source of opportunities & threats impacting your enterprise and delivers the intelligence necessary to compete as a modern information company— this is Source-to-Customer Intelligence in action.

Global Supply Chain
& Procurement
Earthstream Supply Chain Resilience
Earthstream Risk Identification
Earthstream Compliance
Global Trade
Earthstream Forced  Labor Detection
Earthstream Trade Compliance
Earthstream Trade Route Traceability

Over the last decade, companies have strip-mined data to extract competitive insights by uniquely combining information gathered within its proprietary ecosystem.

The next frontier of information intelligence requires leaders to rapidly integrate data that lie beyond their firewalls without compromising information integrity. Leaders that successfully accomplish this will unlock unparalleled value.

Earthstream securely integrates the power of open-source intelligence with your company’s proprietary data. 

The platform specifies and describes information using secure micro-portals and revolutionary unstructured data recognition, which allows you to unearth previously obscured insights in real-time. 


Continually improve the veracity of your compliance with a holistic understanding of the impact that current events have on the efficiency of your trade routes and transparency of supplier practices.

Satellite map comparison of rare earth deposits to forced labor camps

Continuous Improvement for Compliance

Too often compliance is only as current as the most recent audit. However, as the complexity of trade and supply chains increase, relying on an audits to make informed decisions does not tell the complete story. Earthstream's Applied Intelligence allows leaders to approach compliance in a continuous improvement fashion so teams can take decisive action and address compliance concerns in real-time.

Discrete Information Anonymity

Despite efforts to secure and anonymize datasets, federated learning allows competitors to back into your “anonymized” data. knows this type of data handling is ultimately not secure. Earthstream's proprietary information anonymity methodology gives you the peace of mind that your information is secured and accessible only by those you grant permission.

Forced Labor Compliance

The Earthstream platform securely integrates OSINT & ESG insights about your suppliers with your systems of record. Understanding how direct and indirect suppliers in your network approach labor practices helps your team to make responsible procurement decisions and remediation plans without harming the vitality of your ecosystem.

External Market Forces

The barrage of media and unending demands for your attention makes it difficult to distill how events impact compliance and governance. Earthstream's media engine personalizes current events so your team can understand the the impact of court rulings, regulatory changes, breaking news, and sanctions affecting compliance and governance concerns.

n-Tier Supplier Remediation Pathways

Earthstream's n-Tier supplier maps let you to move beyond reasonable care & diligence related to supplier practices and see the impact of every supplier and their suppliers on your operations. By combining OSINT, licensed and proprietary datasets your team has the intelligence necessary to remediate supplier challenges with confidence.

Trade Route Transparency

Earthstream's automated trade route tracing  allows leaders to proactively address supply chain delays, gauge constraints to raw material availability, identify root causes for price fluctuations, and manage the volatility of commodities.

Supply Chain Resilience

Responsible sourcing decisions happen when you have observability into your entire value chain. Earthstream intelligence helps you maintain a resilient supply chain.

Animated video of a supplier network in Earthstream platform

Connected Supply Chain

Earthstream automatically links raw materials production, real-time availability, and supplier practices across your entire value chain. This depth of intelligence connects your trade & supplier networks to surface competitive insights giving you peace of mind and complete transparency into your supply chain.

Corporate Asset & IP Protection

Respecting the privacy of corporate information and separating competitive data in a secure architecture is the promise of Earthstream. The power of Applied Intelligence safeguards your company's reputation and allows you to compete sustainably.

Business Continuity

Continuous information passes from sensors to the cloud to business systems and exposes companies to breaches when not managed properly. Earthstream focuses teams on the right information at the right time to lessen the impact of and avoid breaches in continuity.

risk identification

Anticipate threats and plan to mitigate raw materials & supply disruptions. The intelligence of Earthstream lets your team gather insights beyond what is publicly available.

Mojave desert in the sun
Forced labor camps missing from open source satellite images
Mojave desert in the dark
EarthStream View

Supply Network Operating Risks

Earthstream captures alternative perspectives to the images and locations that are publicly available. This unique perspective gives your team exact insights into the operations taking place across your entire supplier network. When consumers demand transparency into your supply chain you'll have correct information to share.

Raw Materials Traceability

Earthstream intelligence helps your team identify  commodities risks, monitor threats to raw materials availability, and respond to crises in real-time. Tracing raw materials from their source to your operations lets you stabilize production without compromising commitments to your stakeholders.

Trade & Supply Route Disruption

The Earthstream platform synthesizes leading indicators that threaten the environmental, biological, financial, and humanitarian health in your value chain. Identifying risks in this way improves your decision-making confidence across your enterprise.