plant mesur grow is fundamentally changing the way the world measures and interacts with environmental data. After you plant a "Bulb" in the ground, it automatically calibrates and begins transmitting relevant data (light, soil moisture, ground and surface temperature, etc.) to our platform.

The analytics platform analyzes the data, combines it with other sources of information such as soil and plant databases, satellite imagery and weather forecasts to make concise recommendations back to you. Or if desired, it can automate processes such as irrigation. Additionally, works with all sorts of sensor data, and can leverage your existing data to help enable smarter decisions, savings in labor, water, and raw materials.

Open Your Eyes To What's Under Your Feet!


Our devices are packed with state-of-the-art sensor and data technology — each of the devices, sensors, and methods of capturing data are useful on their own, but the real power is gained when you combine various points of information together, to paint an entire picture of your situation and environment.
Measure what you care about, automate repetitious decisions.

  • Precise Locations
  • Sunlight Levels
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Soil Resistance
  • GIS
  • Weather at Device-Specific Location
  • Recommendations & Alerts
  • Solar Cells Keep it Charged All Season
  • Integration with Existing Hardware and Sensors

Our Current Solutions is thrilled to be currently helping customers in these industries.
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Golf & Turf Management

Utilizing real-time, in-ground measurements, with advanced analytics, enables operators to accurately seed, fertilize, and water. Improved sod rooting analysis and problem area monitoring, combined with increased germination rates and lower water consumption, provide both instant return and long-term benefits. Monitoring and analyzing hotspots/areas of concern, such as freshly laid sod, allows for rapid reaction and correction.

Smart Agriculture is transforming the crop and livestock markets. Utilizing real-time, in-ground measurements, with advanced analytics and relevant external data and hardware controls, enables growers to accurately seed, harvest, amend soil, and minimize waste. Immediate benefits to crop yield, supply costs, farm labor overhead, and water consumption will flow directly to the operator.

Small Farms & Gardens

Ranging from backyard gardens to organic farms that sell their products at local farmer's markets, works with any sized operation to bring real, actionable insights to the farmers. When margins are already so low, you need reliability. We can help save time, money, and offer recommendations for success.

Future Solutions

Our near-term goals include solutions for these markets. For more long-term vision, and to see what else is in store, check out The Bigger Picture.


The solution is multi-faceted. Array sensors provide the capability to measure and manage mineral processing in both dry and slurry form. The ability to test and measure both input and output (calculating yield) in real time is invaluable. Stationary sensors enable the monitoring of the surrounding geography for environment changes and the ability to make instant adjustments to the mining operation.

Vineyard Management enables operators to accurately water and supervise nutrient management. Improved analysis and real time monitoring contributes to reduce vineyard costs and ultimately improved grape quality. The additional flexibility of being able to monitor and analyze hotspots/areas of concern, as well as closely monitor newly planted vines, enables pin-point problem detection and resolution before costly problems occur.



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